Our Methodology

Many look at investment planning as a process of examining wealth. Wealth can be defined as a state of being rich as well as a large amount of money, property, and other valuables that a person owns. We work in terms of capital - financial, social, intellectual, and spiritual capital. In our opinion, this is what true wealth tries to capture. As we work to identify and understand these pieces, we can begin to gain a clearer picture of an individual, family, business, or group. From there we work to build a strong system of family and business planning to better leverage capital. With wealth and capital working together, we teach governance for you and the generation after for a stronger future.

The 3 Pillars Of Planned Governance


We possess the tools to build a plan, examine risk vs. reward, contemplate time horizons, and adjust to see you through to future stability.


More than just securities, these are your private investments, business assets, insurances, and a balanced portfolio of equities, fixed income, and cash.


our capital is something of value, be it your human capital, what you offer others, the impact your group dynamic creates for the whole, or your tangible assets. It is the foundation of good family/group governance.

Why Us?

Relationships are built from trust. Our first priority is to ensure that we can develop a proper relationship over time, establish that necessary trust, and then commit our time and energy to you and your family. This means acting with responsibility to have your best interest in mind as well as adhering to planning and ethical principles.

In addition to being a Managing Director - Investments and Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Tim received certifications in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute. They teach core principles in Financial, Behavioral, Business Management, Legal, and Taxes, with which The Whitney Group consults with their client families and businesses in conjunction with their tax and legal professionals, as they cannot provide legal or tax advice. If appropriate, a comprehensive investment plan is developed, implemented, and reviewed making a cornerstone to stay in line with concepts like goals, risk tolerances, time horizons, and investment allocations.

Investment portfolios are part of a wide variety of choices. Tim as a Senior PIM (Private Investment Management) Portfolio Manager, developed his own Investment Philosophy Statement to run private portfolios. Other investment tools can be offered and built into a comprehensive portfolio that fits the needs and risk tolerances of clients.

Our job is not to be the leader, but rather a consultant in the investment planning process. In the end, the ultimate decision-making comes from our clients. The Whitney Group works to teach financial principles to assist in building well-rounded individuals and families for their future.