Your Family

Many make financial and investment decisions based on immediate needs, but your family is a complex enterprise with deep roots, multiple branches, and many moving parts. Your decisions today have a cascading effect over multiple generations. Our team brings a combined eight decades of experience to help establish a strong system of family governance aiming to create a strong foundation for leveraging wealth, attaining goals, and helping to protect those who enter the picture after you. Whether protecting a long-time family business or newly acquired assets, we help you create a legacy for your children, their children, and their children after them.

long term success venn diagram infographic

Long term success venn diagram description

The venn diagram shows the intersections of three circles: ownership, business, and family.

Intersection 1 contains all three: ownership, business, and family.

Intersection 2 contains two: ownership and family.

Intersection 3 contains two: ownership and business.

Intersection 4 contains two: business and family.


  • 1. Family Owner/Employees
  • 2. Family Owners
  • 3. Non-Family Owner/Employees


  • 1. Family Owner/Employees
  • 3. Non-Family Owners/Employees
  • 4. Family Employees


  • 1. Family Owner/Employees
  • 2. Family Owners
  • 4. Family Employees

The three-circle family business model was introduced in 1978 by Renato Tagiuri and John Davis at Harvard Business School. It is a visual diagram and just one of many tools to help identify the intricacies of a family system. There are other parts not represented by the family business model that play significant roles such as business assets, generational interaction, philanthropy, financial investments, and property. Identifying and understanding these parts are keys to continued success throughout the generations.

Generation Gap

a lack of communication between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents, brought about by differences of tastes, values, outlook, etc

Approximately 70%

of wealthy families exhaust the greater

part of their estates by the

Second GenerationEnter to go to footnote 1

By Third Generation

Nine out of 10 family fortunes are gone, forcing heirs to start over entirelyEnter to go to footnote 2

Baby Boomers will transfer as much as

$60 Trillion

in assets to younger generationsEnter to go to footnote 3

sixty percent

of families suffer from lack of


and governance plan to anticipate the transfer of wealthEnter to go to footnote 4

Family Governance

The balance between your business groups and your family’s long term interests can help your estate leave an impact for 50-100+ years

The seeds you plant today represent a century of potential growth.

Family involvement and communication are the roots of a long term legacy. Your family will invest in this complex enterprise. Early education and decisions are made independent of your immediate family, but a sound family governance policy creates a dynamic and successful long term legacy for everyone. Family decisions in investing, business ownership, philanthropy, estates and trusts, and other needs will help to protect your financial health. Meet with us today to plant the seeds for your financial future.